Addison L

Mechanical energy

by: Addison L


There are five energy forms, they are Mechanical, thermal, nuclear, chemical, and electromagnetic, i have chosen Mechanical energy for my project. Along with the five forms there are two types of energy which are know as Potential and Kinetic. Potential is like a ball held over a surface, kinetic is the opposite it is the object in motion like a hockey puck being shot. Mechanical energy is with the position or motion a object is in. Mechanical energy is with both types of energy, so it can be in motion but is could also have the potential to be in motion. Like when a ball is held over a table that is mechanical with potential, and when a football is in the air that is mechanical with Kinetic energy. Mechanical energy acts upon large objects, that is anything seen from your eye, like a bike or a soccer ball.

Applying it

A football is my application to mechanical energy, the football has energy in the air being thrown. This is a large object so we can see it in the air after it has been thrown by the QB. The football has both types of energy like when it is in the QB's hand it has the potential to be thrown, when it is in the air it has Kinetic energy because it is in motion. Another part of the football is what if the QB drops the ball when it has slipped from his hands and is in the are it is Kinetic, but until then when it is in his hands it has the potential to be dropped onto the ground.