Electromagnetic Energy is used it many things. It is used in bullet trains. It is used in light bulbs and electric cars. Electromagnetism is one of the most useful and used forms of energy. Electromagnetism is defined as"
the interaction of electric currents or fields and magnetic fields".
Figure 1: This play-doh model shows electrons moving through a wire.

Bullet Train
Bullet Trains are one application of electromagnetism. Bullet trains are are very popular in Asia and Europe. They use the same electromagnetic charge to make the train levitate off of the tracks while still being held in place by other metal tracks. This maybe more efficient than railroad trains because it minimizes Repair and replacement costs in general for the train and rail. This sums up what bullet trains are and how they work.
Figure 2: This Picture shows a bullet train.

ejw_bullettrain.jpg 2 how it works.jpg
Figure 3: This diagram shows how a bullet-train works.

The Purpose of this experiment is to make the light bulb light up using only a wire and a battery. First the one end of the wire must be clipped to or touching the light bulb. Next the opposite end of the wire must be touching the battery. Then move the light bulb so it is touching the battery at the opposite place where the other end of the wire is touching the battery. Now when everything is in the right place the light bulb will light up. This happens because the wire transfers the positive energy to light bulb and while the light bulb its self is touching the negative energy part. Since both these energies are touching the light bulb the wire focuses the energy from the battery into the light bulb making it light up. If the wire was just connected to one end of the battery and the other end of the battery then it would just drain the batteries energy creating a short circuit.