Nuclear energy is the energy that is created from the atoms inside the nucleus. Nuclear energy is what holds atoms together. Without nuclear energy there would be no nucleus of an atom. Nuclear energy is the most powerful form of energy out of the 5. When nuclei are split a massive amount of energy is released. This process of nuclei being split is called fission. Nuclear energy is also created when nuclei are fused. Nuclear energy can also be dangerous because it can become incredibly unstable and can result in disastrous consequences. But, there are also many good uses of Nuclear energy too.


There are many ways that nuclear energy is used. One way is to make power; there are many nuclear reactors that split uranium to create energy. This is called fission energy. The other type of energy nuclear reactors produce is fusion energy. This is created when two hydrogen atoms combine to form helium fusion energy is produced. Another use is more of a medical discovery. If you go through radiation therapy you can cure cancer.

JC Nuclear reactor.png
Figure 1 Nuclear Reactor
JC Spontaneous Radioactive Decay.JPG
Figure 2 Spontaneous Radioactive Decay

JC Radiation Therapy Machine.png
Figure 3 Radiation Therapy Machine


In 1903 Sir William Crookes was experimenting with Radium Bromide in complete darkness. He spilled the Radium Bromide on a type of activated Zinc Sulfide. Radium Bromide was the most expensive material in the world at the time so to make sure he got all of the little drops he used a magnifying glass. While he was recovering the Radium Bromide he noticed flashes of light coming from each speck of Bromide. These flashes were photons from splitting atoms.


The experiment that was chosen was the Nuclear Spinthariscope. The purpose of this experiment is to see radiation that makes atoms split inside the magnified Nuclear Spinthariscope. The materials needed for this experiment are a Nuclear Spinthariscope, your eyes, and a pitch black room/space. The method that was used in this experiment was that first, you have to go to a dark room with the Nuclear Spinthariscope. Second, wait 15 - 30 minutes in the dark. And thirdly look in the Nuclear Spinthariscope and see atoms split! One thing about the Nuclear Spinthariscope was that the longer you were in the dark the better you could see the atoms splitting. The results of this experiment were that the atoms would split in the form of flashing lines and dots. The longer you were in the dark the clearer the splitting atoms would become and you can see more of them split.