First Trimester Wiki Entry 2 - Cube Lab

On your science 7 Wiki (link below), on your personal Wiki space page write one paragraph explaining what we did in the cube lab to identify the six unknown cubes. Discuss the observations we made and the research we did. Additionally, write a second paragraph discussing the hypotheses you made about each cube and the reasoning about your choices. Finally, include a picture in your Wiki entry that is related to the experiment. Please save your picture with a filename that starts with your initials, e.g. elh_cubes.jpg. Here is what you need to include:
  1. Title at the start of the entry with a larger font size than the rest of the text below it.
  2. Paragraph explaining how we identified the cubes using observations and research.
  3. Paragraph explaining what you hypothesized each cube to be and the reasoning behind your choice.
  4. A picture (preferably a JPEG) relating to the cube lab.
  5. Correct spelling and grammar

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