Search for Life on Mars (SLM) – Wiki Entry 1
In class you have conducted readings, notes and experiments about electricity. For you first Wiki entry you are to write two paragraphs. In the first paragraph you need to define what electricity is and explain what the three types of electricity are and give examples of each (static, current, discharge). In a second paragraph you should brainstorm and then write about the uses of electricity on a trip to Mars where the goal is to search for life. You will be putting your completed works on a Wikispace with your name, the link for each of Mr. Himburg’s class periods is below – scroll down to find your name.

Period 3:
Period 4:

Your final Wiki entry should contain:
  • A title describing the contents of the entry
  • 1 paragraph summarizing electricity and the three types of electricity.
  • 1 paragraph explaining the uses of electricity on a mission to Mars searching for life.
  • Correct spelling and grammar
  • At least two different font sizes and font colors.

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