SfLoM Wiki Entry 4 – Rocket History

Read the handout entitled “Rocket History”; this document can be downloaded from the “Homework Reading” resource folder on your instructor’s web page. In 2 or more paragraphs, summarize the history of rockets. You should also include 2 pictures to supplement your written work and at least one of these pictures must be hand drawn. Your final Wiki entry should contain:
  • A title describing the contents of the entry
  • 2 paragraph summary of rocket history (can be longer)
  • 2 pictures that you have uploaded; at least one is hand drawn
  • Correct spelling and grammar

A few things to help with your Wiki:
  • File names should start with your initials and contain NO spaces. For example, elh_rocket or elhrocket.
  • Snipping Tool pictures are fine, but you need to save them as JPG images or they won’t show up.
  • Save your work often. Sometimes the Wikispace freezes up and when this happens you will lose your changes/additions.

Not sure what to write about or what pictures to use? The six suggestions below may help you summarize rocket history.

  1. Sketch the Hero Engine and explain how it worked.
  2. Explain the various ways the early Chinese employed rockets.
  3. What was Konstantin Tsiolkovsky’s contribution to modern rocketry?
  4. Explain the significance of Goddard’s achievement on March 16, 1926
  5. Who developed the V-2 rocket and for what purpose?
  6. Why was NASA formed? Explain the history behind its formation.

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