SfLoM Wiki Entry 5 – Rocket Experiment

Part 1: For the initial part of this entry you will need the help of the picture of the model rocket with labeled parts in the “Rocket Mechanics” handout – this is found in One Note. Take a picture of your rocket, download it, insert it into a blank One Note page (I’d remove ruled lines too) and label the parts of your rocket. Label the inside parts too even though they cannot be seen. Finally, write a short description of the function of each part. Snippet your picture, save as a JPEG, upload to your Wiki.

Part 2: For the second part of this entry you will be writing at least two paragraphs about your rocket experiment. In the first paragraph summarize the results of the rocket experiment we conducted in class. Include a picture of the altitude versus mass graph you created in EXCEL. In a second paragraph discuss how your particular rocket flew.

Your final Wiki entry should contain:
  • A title describing the contents of the entry
  • Picture of your rocket with the parts labeled
  • The function of each part described
  • 1 paragraph summary of the rocket experiment – purpose, method, results.
  • Picture of graph
  • 1 paragraph summary describing the flight of your rocket (besides qualitatively and quantitatively describing how it flew, comment on effects of painting your rocket, quality of your construction, how you could improve your rocket flight).

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