SLM – Wiki Entry 9

Geology on Mars
In a proper paragraph summarize the different ways minerals can be identified. Explain the way a geologist on Earth would do the tests, which is how we did it in the lab activity entitled “An Exploration of Minerals and Rocks”. Include a picture that relates to identifying minerals.

In a second paragraph explain how Curiosity, the NASA rover that is currently travelling to Mars, will be able to perform geology experiments on Mars. If you haven’t done so already, watch the video in the link given below, and use this to write your explanation. Include a picture that relates to the paragraph you have written about Curiosity.

Your final Wiki entry should contain:
  • A title describing the contents of the entry
  • 1 paragraph discussing how geologists identify minerals
  • 1 picture showing minerals being identified
  • 1 paragraph discussing how Curiosity will perform geological experiments on Mars
  • 1 picture related to Curiosity perform geology experiments
  • Correct spelling & grammar

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