I am copying all of my astronomy paragraphs in here. I am going to give them all proper titles. I am adding a picture to go with each paragraph.
Cooper Meyer

The Big Bang

In a flash, the Earth is thought to have exploded from something the size of an atom to the size of the Earth now. The expansion of the Earth continued and particle and energy creation occurs. The universe expands and the temperature falls for hundreds of thousands of years. Atoms form and are not torn apart from the heat and radiation can travel across the universe and electrons attach to atoms.
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About the Sun

The sun is a star and formed when gravity pulled matter together about 4.5 billion years ago. Solid material collected into clumps. The moon is believed to be an output of a collision between the Earth and another form the size of Mars. Jupiter Saturn Uranus and Neptune grew discs of their own which created moons of their own. They were the outer solar system. Mercury, Venus Earth and Mars are the inner solar system heated by constant bombardment.
external image xraysun.gif

Stars Forming

Stars form in cold dark clouds of gas and dust. An exploding star causes clumps or cores to form. Nuclear reactions can occur in the center of the star because it is so hot. Finally the star settles down without much change, but it has a huge supply of nuclear energy. Everything about a star is fixed by its mass. Their surface temperature is about 40,000 degrees and much more massive, heavier, bigger and brighter than the sun. Our sun is a star. Blue stars at the hottest and red stars are the coolest.
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The Milky Way

The Milky Way is stunning on a clear dark night as it arches across the sky in faint light from millions of stars. It is an insider’s view of our galaxy. The sun lies in the disc of the Milky Way. Four spiral arms wind out from the center of the Milky Way galaxy. The stars in the bulge in the center are mostly orange and red and so closely packed together. The nucleas of the Milky Way galaxy is probably a huge black hole and every star in it is in it’s own orbit.
external image Under-The-Milky-Way-Tonight.jpg

More About the Sun

The sun is a star much nearer. It is a ball of hot gas of hydrogen and helium. The temperature is millions of degrees. The suns’ powerhouse is buried in its core at 15 million degrees. Every second 4 milion tons of hydrogen vanish to create the sun’s energy. Sun spots are 1,000 degrees cooler than their surroundings and appear dark on the surface of the sun. The earth’s magnetic field funnels particles downward . The sun spins about once a month.

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